Ways to save money creatively

Who doesnt like saving a little money here and there? I know I do. Besides the obvious ways like not eating out as much, or downgrading your cable or phone plan, here are twenty mine more off-the-wall ideas that will help you save money too. Family game night, fun and quality time for the family, […]


7 Excellent Money Hacks Everyone Must Know

Being good with money is something that every adult strives for, but it is a lot easier said than done. It is important to work toward building a good savings account and spending less money on the things you need each day, from food to basic utilities. You can work some money hacks into your […]


20 great items to look for at the Dollar Tree

If youre one of those people, who despise dollar stores, then you should immediately change your ways. Dollar stores are a great place to discover not only cheap materials at hand, but also a spot to look for all sorts of household objects on an extremely low price such objects and items that will most […]


Fantastic ways to start saving money today

Unless you are independently wealthy, or have recently won the lottery, you probably already actively trying to save money or you say you need to start. So here are 100 fantastic ways to save that add up to save you more money than you think. Rewards cards, most grocery and even chain stores offer rewards […]


52 Week Money Saving Challenge

Every year I see ideas like this and think about saving up for something really nice at the end of the year. A new laptop or maybe a vacation to Disney would be on my list for sure! Just pick something that you would normally never splurge on and seems slightly out of reach… then […]